Legal And Attestation Services

  • Setting up a new business or moving to a new branch in a foreign company like Qatar requires a certain amount of documentation which we can help with through our association with the ministry of commerce and industry (moci). Since we are always in touch with this ministry on a regular basis, we are completely informed and up to date on what is the protocol for forming a new company. Whether it’s a matter of a certificate of incorporation or a memorandum of association, we provide authenticated versions of both.

  • If you or your business partners have to draw up a contract or agreement (another facility we can advise on) and need to verify it, this is another area we can help with. We can also arrange for a power of attorney (poa) to be drawn up and attested as part of this process

    Legal documents come under the purview of ministry of justice (moj), a Qatari government department that we communicate with on a regular basis to obtain legal records and registration certificates for our clients.

  • Since attestation is a legal procedure, you need to work with the best attestation service-providing company to ensure credibility. Procedures for attestation have to be carried out carefully complying with all the regulations. Documents submitted have to be verified at different levels. The legal procedure of attesting documents from the embassy/ consulate validates that you are permitted to travel to that country and that your background is verified. The documents required and the procedures are different for different countries.

  • Qatar certificate attestation is a long process. The fees and time period for each attestation is also different. For different types of attestation, documents have to be submitted to different departments. Before going to the embassy, these documents will have to be attested at different levels. Therefore, it is very important to have detailed knowledge about it. The attestation of personal documents will not be the same as that of commercial documents. Attestation services are approved and recognized by all government as well as the private sector of Qatar

  • AAIG takes the burden of attestation procedures from its clients and takes it upon their own shoulders thereby making it a whole lot easier for them. Free collection and delivery of certificates, and an efficient tracking system makes AAIG the best choice for any client.

    We provide provision of corporate, mining, trade, cannabis and specialised legal services to enable your local business operations. You can trust our team of local lawyers to guide you through the legal complexities of the local market, thereby ensuring legal compliance of your local entity through securing of permits, registration of trademarks, protection of business Intellectual property and navigation of local employment laws and regulations.

  • Laws and regulations are an integral part of all business services. If legal administration is managed effectively, you can maximise your company's potential while limiting your liability. Unfortunately, legal administration is not a one-off task, but is subject to competition, changing external requirements and new levels of flexibility. For instance, effectively managing your contract portfolio is essential to the success of your company.

  • How we can help you
    AAIG will help you to find the best design and layout for your legal processes. We will work with you to identify a clear strategy for your company's legal administration. And, if required, we can offer you complete peace of mind by taking care of all implementation activities. We offer advice and implement the various types of contracts encountered by businesses, entrepreneurs and companies in general. In addition, we offer advice about reorganisations, carve-outs and transformations.

  • We are a full-service renowned law firm combining knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure our clients have access to cutting-edge legal services. With more than eighteen years of experience, we have become one of the most prominent and reputable firms in Qatar. Our capable team has an in-depth knowledge of government institutions, local laws, regulations and their applications along with technical and legal expertise. Our team is comprised of lawyers who speak both English and Arabic which makes them capable of navigating our clients through all the complex requirements.

  • We provide legal services for Incorporation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Reformation, Liquidation and Dissolution. Moreover, we also provide other services such as legal consultation, drafting and reviewing contracts and alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. I highly believe that any successful business is a business that gives back and actively works towards improving the local and regional community. We take our social responsibility very seriously, hence, we have a specialized in-house team that works towards our corporate social responsibility initiative.

  • We approach the corporate legal issues from the commercial and business perspective of our clients. We are equipped with a team that is capable of addressing any corporate and litigation requirement of our clients. We have strong network across the Globe through our associates.

  • Being one of the most prestigious companies, we have won several local and international awards in various fields of expertise which makes one of the leading and best-known firms in the State of Qatar. We seek to exceed client expectations by providing them with the highest level of legal services in accordance with international standards. Our network and relationships are a clear indication of our advanced knowledge of local business rules and practices in all countries where our clients are situated.

  • Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in the various fields of legal advisory services. Our staff includes a highly exceptional group of experienced counsels and lawyers who are experts in the most significant arenas of legal practice. Since its inception, the firm has been keen to integrate the Civil Legal System with the Anglo-Saxon System to achieve a harmonious legal environment providing the best legal services.

AAIG has been based in Doha for over a decade advising businesses across multiple sectors including education, healthcare, infrastructure, energy and hospitality. Our dedicated teams specialise in advising clients on how to operate successfully in the Qatar market. have worked with Qatari entities and international clients on landmark regulatory frameworks and infrastructure projects integral to the growth of the market. long-standing relationships with key representatives in the various government ministries and entities gives our lawyers a comprehensive understanding of the wider legal regime in Qatar and how it operates.

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