Human Resources And Recruitment Assistance

  • Our HR Consultants have been operating in Qatar for over a decade. We have our head office in Qatar and associate offices around the world. We recruit for some of the leading local SMEs and government organisations right from entry-level to senior positions. Our expert consultants offer a personalised recruitment service that is customized to suit your needs. We ensure that you always have access to great talents from across the world.

  • AAIG is known in the industry as a specialist agency and candidates regularly follow us to find jobs. Our main focus is on helping you find the best candidates at no extra cost. We have an excellent track record for recruiting in Middle East Countries. Our highly trained and experienced recruiters have expertise across key business industries and specifically pertaining to recruitment, placing them as genuine professionals with strategic insight into sourcing the best candidates for openings.

  • Our team of experts provide you with specialist support across the full spectrum of vacancy types and business areas. So, if you have an opening and would like the support of a specialist human resources recruitment agency, contact us today.

  • Our recruitment services include attracting, screening and selecting qualified professionals for jobs in both small scale and large-scale companies. We are an agency run by professional recruitment consultants who work specially for employers.

What is the Recruitment Process?

The adoption of digital technology for recruitment has become an important factor, but the fundamental steps of the recruitment process itself remain unchanged.

Defining the Role

Once a vacancy has been generated or informed to us, the first step in the recruitment process is to create a clear definition of the job role and the type of candidate required to fill the position. We prepare a detailed job description, often accompanied by a persona specification detailing the role and responsibilities, required skills, educational qualifications, department. salary package and benefits on offer.

Sourcing Candidates

We have a data bank of excellent professionals who souce excellent candidates. Other than that, a job advertisement is published to attract the right candidates. We have multiple channels including company websites, local and national publications, and social media sites.

Screening Candidates

Once a sufficient pool of applicants has been received, we do screening to identify the most suitable candidates for interview. We have an excellent team for screening processes and select suitable candidates based on their skills, qualifications and experience.

Interview and Candidate Selection

Our interview stage of the recruitment process will vary from company to company and role to role. We conduct several rounds depending upon the job which could include video or telephone interviews, online assessments, group discussion, panel or one-to one interviews.

As an expert recruitment agency, we operate in several ways, depending on the client's requirements. Predominantly, agencies work on behalf of companies and candidates. We match suitable applicants to available roles, filling vacancies for employers and candidates. We work solely on I’m sure you’ll agree that for most businesses, finding high-quality candidates which is never an easy task. Traditional recruitment techniques like publishing a job ad and then waiting for people to come to you won’t work when you’re trying to fill senior roles like CEO, CFO, or MD. Attracting the attention of high-calibre candidates calls for a smarter approach. That’s where headhunting comes in. Also known as executive search, headhunting is a specialist recruitment service that takes the anxiety out of attracting classy candidates. Rather than hoping for the right candidate to turn up out of the blue, head-hunters actively seek out the right people for your business on behalf of the employer.

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